Britain First is a loyalist movement: This means that if you are loyal to Queen and Country then you are welcome to join our organisation.

“Race” does not feature in our policies or outlook in any way.

Britain First

Britain First is home to thousands of patriots from ethnic minorities from all over the world who share our defence of British values and our opposition to global Islamic jihad.

The word “racism” was invented by a communist mass murderer, Leon Trotsky, to silence European opposition to “multi-culturalism”, so we do not recognise the validity of this made-up word.

Britain First

Britain First activities are regularly attended by Britons from ethnic minority backgrounds (some of whom are pictured).

Likewise, many of our senior and middle-ranking commanding officers are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Unfortunately, Britain is dominated by a leftwing minority who insist on calling anyone who is patriotic a “racist”, but nothing could be further from the truth for Britain First.

Britain First

The only people we “hate” are the white leftwing politicians and journalists who are wrecking our beautiful country.

Our opposition to immigration is based on space, not race.

Britain First is opposed to all mass immigration, regardless of where it comes from – the colour of your skin doesn’t come into it – Britain is full up.

Britain is heavily overcrowded – we cannot take in any more immigrants, especially when we have so many unemployed in our own country.

Britain First

Britain First is not “racist” in any way and we do not hate any other ethnic groups.

All we ask is that if people come to this country they abide by the law and respect our heritage and way of life.

Just because we love our own nationhood, traditions and culture, doesn’t mean we “hate” anyone else.


Because we appreciate our own national identity, we can sympathise with similar sentiments shown by other nations and peoples.

We want to see a world filled with nations, cultures and peoples, all living together in peace within our respective countries.

Britain First condemns racism wholeheartedly.


Britain First should not need to defend itself from claims that we are “racist”, but we have to contend with the constant lies and poison spread by the leftwing elite that is dismantling Britain.

If you are from an ethnic minority background and love Britain, then CLICK HERE and join our ranks today.